Keith Dannemiller / Covid-19: Historias de la fase 3

Agosto 2020 / Keith Dannemiller @keithdannemiller Nació en Ohio hace 71 años y desde hace 33 vive en la #cdmx. Ha cubierto con su cámara tanto conflictos sociopolíticos y bélicos (como las operaciones de los Contras en Nicaragua y la vida transfronteriza entre México y Estados Unidos), como la cultura y energía que se desplazan por las calles de la capital mexicana. En su página web pueden verse sus trabajos más significativos: Continúa leyendo Keith Dannemiller / Covid-19: Historias de la fase 3

Haras Anchieta

In 2009 I traveled with the Brazilian photography club F/508 to Gama district, in Brasilia. We visited the Haras Anchieta in search of some interesting images. The truth was my first time in a stable and what attracted my interest was the tranquility of the place and the beauty of the animals: horses, guard dogs, chickens, roosters. And the sky. An open sky that generated soft and warm beams of light and almost pictorial shadows. Of that adventure, these 13 images. Continúa leyendo Haras Anchieta

How the city restored to me?

People and buildings, spaces for meetings or distancing from the city; it depends on the criteria with which it is addressed. In my recent tours of Caracas as a pedestrian -to work with an audit project of pedestrian spaces- there have been surprises, new encounters and also «rebounds». In any case, I wanted to use the camera to record-loaded with different sensations-every moment, every encounter, every near or distant transit, every issue that I see and considered that restores the city in me, for better or for worse.
I add: To look at the city in black and white is to see it naked. Continúa leyendo How the city restored to me?