Calles vacías

Mientras muchos países siguen luchando contra el último episodio de la pandemia del coronavirus, imponiendo cierres y toques de queda. Esta realidad ha vaciado las calles modificanco el paisaje de las ciudades. Aquí 6 imágenes que muestran cómo se vive esto en la Ciudad de México. Continúa leyendo Calles vacías

Go out, get out, come out

Going out on the street today in Caracas can be a risky bet, especially if it’s at night. To go out, to make public, to rebel, to defy the night, has always been a habit of the inhabitants of Caracas, of the youth of Caracas. Going out, making oneself public, rebelling against fear, against the darkness, is today a kind of cry that has become a slogan within some spaces of pro-citizen social action. As a photographer I have participated in this documenting this city reality for my personal archive and also for the Civil Association “Ciudad Laboratorio”, which since May 2017 has undertaken an audit of public spaces in Caracas. Continúa leyendo Go out, get out, come out

The Night Watchers

From May to August 2018 the civil association «Caracas Laboratorio» executed an audit project of public spaces in 33 locations in Caracas, these included shopping centers, public squares and culture centers. The particularity of this audit was that it was carried out at night, from 18 to 21 hours, with the objective of determining the amount of pedestrian flow and the conditions under which it operates in those places. Fundamental aspects of the audit were the conditions of lighting, the security and presence of police or citizen attention agencies, the presence of spaces susceptible to becoming lairs for crime, and the use that people ended up giving to these spaces. Continúa leyendo The Night Watchers