Construction cranes in the sky of Caracas

An ever present element in the urban landscape, especially in the large capital cities, is the construction boom. Element also reports on the dynamism and growth of the city. Caracas no exception to this, however, adds a particular feature: the stamp of the construction boom on a wonderfully dramatic sky, allowing excellent visual records in black and white. And that is what is shown in this short photo essay . Continúa leyendo Construction cranes in the sky of Caracas

Walkers in Caracas. Do not walk alone.

Do not walk alone. Here I live. For three years and six months ago I walk back streets of Caracas. Took my camera and record the passage of those who accompany me unknowingly. I do not intend too. No attempt to create art. Nor a historic speech. It’s a simple look on this city walkers. Those passing Caracas walk, often in solitude.
In a city where power is vehicular, walkers I find strange, special, extraordinary beings. Continúa leyendo Walkers in Caracas. Do not walk alone.

Refugees – A new stage

I resumed my photographic work with homeless families sheltered in the North Tower of Simon Bolivar Centre, in the El Silencio (central town of Caracas). We initiated a second stage where there is a better connection and some new families have come to the shelter. My eyes also expand the particularity of the portrait shots open living space scenes and their relationship with this highly impersonal. Continúa leyendo Refugees – A new stage