Go out, get out, come out

Going out on the street today in Caracas can be a risky bet, especially if it’s at night. To go out, to make public, to rebel, to defy the night, has always been a habit of the inhabitants of Caracas, of the youth of Caracas. Going out, making oneself public, rebelling against fear, against the darkness, is today a kind of cry that has become a slogan within some spaces of pro-citizen social action. As a photographer I have participated in this documenting this city reality for my personal archive and also for the Civil Association “Ciudad Laboratorio”, which since May 2017 has undertaken an audit of public spaces in Caracas. Continúa leyendo Go out, get out, come out

Caracas: fragmentos de intuición en escala de grises

Mi relación con Caracas es de idas y venidas, de intentos, una especie de acto copulativo con tiempos marcados y sin goce al final. La última vez que la abandoné fue hace 10 años; pasé 6 fuera y hace 4 volví con la seguridad de que no conseguiría soportarla, por haberme acostumbrado a la benevolencia de otra ciudad joven y menos viciada. Continúa leyendo Caracas: fragmentos de intuición en escala de grises

Refugees – A new stage

I resumed my photographic work with homeless families sheltered in the North Tower of Simon Bolivar Centre, in the El Silencio (central town of Caracas). We initiated a second stage where there is a better connection and some new families have come to the shelter. My eyes also expand the particularity of the portrait shots open living space scenes and their relationship with this highly impersonal. Continúa leyendo Refugees – A new stage

Child with Olympus forever

If anything I got at the workshop for homeless children, was that some were interested in photography, despite uncertainty about his immediate future and their harsh living conditions. These children are learning to be adults not only in these harsh conditions and social family, but also in the middle of a political and ideological battle over which they have no conscience. Continúa leyendo Child with Olympus forever