Political Pandemic

That work remained guarded, hidden from the public eye. Now, ten years later, I rescue him and reinterpret him with a political vision. The situation that Brazil is going through under the government of Jair Bolsonaro causes a greater strangeness than the way in which I captured the spaces of its capital, produces a greater deformation. But it is almost a universal deformation, if we situate ourselves in the realities that other societies are currently going through and especially those where I have lived, which are the ones that I can talk about: the Venezuelan, the Mexican and the Brazilian. It is a political pandemic that makes them sick, deteriorates, deforms them. In this work, through the use of the digital negative process and the collage technique, I show what this evil means to me. Continúa leyendo Political Pandemic

Haras Anchieta

In 2009 I traveled with the Brazilian photography club F/508 to Gama district, in Brasilia. We visited the Haras Anchieta in search of some interesting images. The truth was my first time in a stable and what attracted my interest was the tranquility of the place and the beauty of the animals: horses, guard dogs, chickens, roosters. And the sky. An open sky that generated soft and warm beams of light and almost pictorial shadows. Of that adventure, these 13 images. Continúa leyendo Haras Anchieta

Caracas: fragmentos de intuición en escala de grises

Mi relación con Caracas es de idas y venidas, de intentos, una especie de acto copulativo con tiempos marcados y sin goce al final. La última vez que la abandoné fue hace 10 años; pasé 6 fuera y hace 4 volví con la seguridad de que no conseguiría soportarla, por haberme acostumbrado a la benevolencia de otra ciudad joven y menos viciada. Continúa leyendo Caracas: fragmentos de intuición en escala de grises