The Night Watchers

From May to August 2018 the civil association «Caracas Laboratorio» executed an audit project of public spaces in 33 locations in Caracas, these included shopping centers, public squares and culture centers. The particularity of this audit was that it was carried out at night, from 18 to 21 hours, with the objective of determining the amount of pedestrian flow and the conditions under which it operates in those places. Fundamental aspects of the audit were the conditions of lighting, the security and presence of police or citizen attention agencies, the presence of spaces susceptible to becoming lairs for crime, and the use that people ended up giving to these spaces. Continúa leyendo The Night Watchers

Chávez lives? The people survive

Despite the slogan «Chavez lives, the struggle continues», which encourages the political battle from the support of the Chavez ideals, people have decided to continue the daily march towards sustaining their own survival, so the slogan could be changed to a question with an immediate and obvious answer: Chávez lives? The people survive. Continúa leyendo Chávez lives? The people survive

How the city restored to me?

People and buildings, spaces for meetings or distancing from the city; it depends on the criteria with which it is addressed. In my recent tours of Caracas as a pedestrian -to work with an audit project of pedestrian spaces- there have been surprises, new encounters and also «rebounds». In any case, I wanted to use the camera to record-loaded with different sensations-every moment, every encounter, every near or distant transit, every issue that I see and considered that restores the city in me, for better or for worse.
I add: To look at the city in black and white is to see it naked. Continúa leyendo How the city restored to me?

Waste of the wrong policy

In this photographic essay, carried out from October 2017 to February 2018, revealing images of the serious problem of the accumulation of garbage in Caracas, Venezuela. The inadequate management of solid waste causes the reduction or disqualification of public spaces for the enjoyment, mobility and the appropriate integral vision of the citizen, in addition to serious respiratory problems and diseases transmitted by rodents. Continúa leyendo «Waste of the wrong policy»