The walls speak of hatred for the Dictator

Is Nicolás Maduro a dictator? There are those who question it and also those who affirm it. What there is no doubt about is that it exercises an arbitrary, violent and incapable government to solve the economic and political crisis that Venezuela is facing. Continúa leyendo The walls speak of hatred for the Dictator

Go out, get out, come out

Going out on the street today in Caracas can be a risky bet, especially if it’s at night. To go out, to make public, to rebel, to defy the night, has always been a habit of the inhabitants of Caracas, of the youth of Caracas. Going out, making oneself public, rebelling against fear, against the darkness, is today a kind of cry that has become a slogan within some spaces of pro-citizen social action. As a photographer I have participated in this documenting this city reality for my personal archive and also for the Civil Association “Ciudad Laboratorio”, which since May 2017 has undertaken an audit of public spaces in Caracas. Continúa leyendo Go out, get out, come out

The night of lonely men

It is, rather, an interpretative look at what the presence of a man who walks alone, who waits alone, who observes around without anyone accompanying him, who seems to face only the night of one of the most dangerous cities in the world. It is a look towards fragility and adaptation. A look that seeks to understand and not demonstrate. A look that is based on its own uncertainty, its own precariousness, perhaps with the hope of finding that place where the true reason of fear is hidden. And that which may give him some strength in the face of so much strange nocturnality. Continúa leyendo The night of lonely men