Waste of the wrong policy

In this photographic essay, carried out from October 2017 to February 2018, revealing images of the serious problem of the accumulation of garbage in Caracas, Venezuela. The inadequate management of solid waste causes the reduction or disqualification of public spaces for the enjoyment, mobility and the appropriate integral vision of the citizen, in addition to serious respiratory problems and diseases transmitted by rodents. Continúa leyendo “Waste of the wrong policy”

Farewell Chavez in Diagonal

The streets and subways of Caracas, usually boisterous, reflecting the impact it has for much of the population, the death of President Hugo Chavez. The exhibition of the varied iconography Chávez (hats, posters, banners, t-shirts …), before political affiliation distinctive redefined social and grieving now shows loyalty and commitment to the process of social change, especially allows outputting the popular sectors and express their feelings and strong pain. Continúa leyendo Farewell Chavez in Diagonal

Leaders in the absence of Hugo Chavez

The always controversial government of Hugo Chavez, the leader of a political movement that has been called “Bolivarian Revolution”, again generated strong news from December 2012, not only for achieving the third consecutive reelection to the presidency, relapse but health has suffered and that keeps him in hospital on the island of Cuba for almost a month. Continúa leyendo Leaders in the absence of Hugo Chavez

Homenaje al Mestre Seu Teodoro Freire / Homenagem ao Mestre Seu Teodoro Freire

Acabo de enterarme -gracias a una nota que me envía mi esposa desde Brasil- de la muerte de Seu Teodoro Freire, maestro de la cultura popular de Brasilia y de todo Brasil, motor del Centro de Tradiciones Populares de Sobradinho y alma de la tradición festiva y folclórica del Bumba-meu-boi.
Fue, precisamente, la cobertura de esta fiesta popular lo que posibilitó mi primera participación en una exposición colectiva internacional, en España, hace cinco años atrás. Por ello va este recuerdo como pequeño homenaje a Seu Teodoro Freire, cuyo velorio se está realizando hoy en el Centro de tradiciones populares de Sobradinho. Continúa leyendo Homenaje al Mestre Seu Teodoro Freire / Homenagem ao Mestre Seu Teodoro Freire