Bacigalupo reinterpreted

In 2014 the Italian photographer Martina Bacigalupo presented her work «Gulu Real Art Studio«, a series of portraits found in the bin of the oldest photographic studio in Gulu, in northern Uganda. They are faceless prints that make up the typological representation of a community, identified primarily by their clothes, skin color and postures. Six years later I have decided to select three of these images and rework them to broaden the representation of the moving story that Bacigalupo generates until it is universalized by making it much more symbolic. Migration, death and children at risk adhere to the typological representation of Bacigalupo through the intervention carried out with fragments of my own photographs and with it I resignify the «Gulu Real Art Studio» code to relate it to issues such as violence against women and helplessness before military power and isolation.