Distant (Exiles)

I am not interested in knowing or showing the political side of exile or the process of forced migration. A year after I left Venezuela to try to build a new alternative of life for me and my family in Mexico, what I have in my head, stomach and skin are images / sensations of chaos that means adaptation to a different reality, the gradual struggle to make itself known and inserted into a new society, economy and culture. “Distance” also from here to the land where the loves are -where is the homeland that is my son- and constant distance from me to the land I now live. I’m missing, no doubt. There is a strong dissociation between what I am and what I love and where I am now, from my migrant status, I must learn to move with curiosity, respect and strength. This set of images in three times represents that, the distance that I am now in myself in the face of the need to survive and the search to belong, while love is far away.


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