The Night Watchers

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From May to August 2018 the civil association «Ciudad Laboratorio» executed an audit project of public spaces in 33 locations in Caracas, these included shopping centers, public squares and culture centers. The particularity of this audit was that it was carried out at night, from 18 to 21 hours, with the objective of determining the amount of pedestrian flow and the conditions under which it operates in those places. Fundamental aspects of the audit were the conditions of lighting, the security and presence of police or citizen attention agencies, the presence of spaces susceptible to becoming lairs for crime, and the use that people ended up giving to these spaces.

The team formed for this project was multidisciplinary: architects, urban planners, lawyers, journalists, photographers, chefs, hairdressers, language teachers, videographers, social psychologists, musicians. People from different areas of knowledge that came together for a common interest: take care of the city they inhabit.

The diversity was not only in their professions, but also in their means of locomotion: cyclists, pedestrians and motorists participated, aware, from each of the spaces in which they operate, of the needs of each one of them and those of the others, and especially under the understanding of the difficulties and anomalies that make Caracas a city increasingly difficult to travel for everyone, by anyone.

I accompanied them in this work that confronted various inconveniences: from incomprehension, claims and rejections of some citizens, especially those who are under the perverse effect of political ideology, to the coercive and oppressive actions of some representatives of security forces of the State. I was there as a photographer and audiovisual record coordinator. It turned out to be a very nutritious experience and in these 27 photographs that I now present, I intend to show only some of the moments in which the members of the team could have the opportunity to relax, to allow themselves a moment of non-work exchange, in addition to some curious situations present during the completion of work.

Go to all of them my enormous respect, gratitude and admiration.

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