Color has its own

It is not easy for me to see Caracas in color. I think the city has lost its splendor, it has gone opaque, it has lost color. She has lost it in my eyes, perhaps. It is likely that other people get to see the colorful city, because I think that – in the end – this is a matter of encouragement, of state of sensitivity.
However, there are times when I stop and look at the colorful city. The truth is that I do not stop, on the contrary: I move forward and observe around the movement of people and things, of the iris of light that bathes the movement around and reflects its nuances decomposed into colorful ranges. Then, I point with the camera and shoot.
Color is – for me – the vertigo of a reality that surpasses the senses and demands a greater effort of comprehension, unlike black and white. Black and white is serenity and deep understanding of the magic of taking a picture.
All in all, color has its own, as good friend Leoncio Barrios has repeated to me. Color has its thing and here is a small sample of this.

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